ay 5th 200May 5th 2008 Fifth Swastika Found on UND Campus

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Montana State is luring students away from University of North Dakota:  "We really win out here with our location with skiing and the mountains," Russell said. "It's a gorgeous location. Certainly, we have an easier job than those at North Dakota State or UND."







Embry Riddle Daytona Beach  v. UND Aerospace North Dakota


University of North Dakota Aviation ?



CLICK HERE! the  ocean fronts 23 miles of beaches in the  greater Daytona  Beach area

CLICK HERE FOR AIRFORCE ARTICLES & PICS***As most trees are unable to withstand temperatures as low as -40, a  barren plain fronts 26 miles of burnt grass/snow

We are always accepting submissions of new materials. editor@undnews.com

More Incidents/Accidents At UND according to the FAA INCIDENT DATA SYSTEM REPORT & the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)



Wed, Sep. 28, 2005  NCAA

Statement on Denial of UND's Indian Nickname

The University of North Dakota's mascot and its ties to the man who loves Hitler

 Here are some of the local tee shirts that were sold in local bars and coffee shops




November 23, 2005 Case of UND Assistant Professor Anthony Reeves, who says he is being fired because he is gay. School officials say Reeves has shown a pattern of "unacceptable behavior".

Korean Culinary Delights---- UND Employees complained that although the lab chickens were supposed to be humanely euthanized after use, Director of UND Biological Research Dr. Kap Lee---was Eating Them  


UND sorority Indian party investigation heads to hearing phase
UND ís Dean of Students Office has completed its early investigation of a campus sorority party at which students wore mock American Indian clothes red face and body paint. The investigation now will proceed to an informal hearing to determine if the party violated UND ís Code of Student ...group of American Indian students who brought a discrimination complaint against them. ...Several male students are dressed only in makeshift loincloths and slathered with red makeup. ...
Wednesday, April, 09, 2008 - Grand Forks Herald - News

Brand: NCAA stands by nickname ban - USATODAY.com

Jan 8, 2007

North Dakota Fighting Sioux - College Basketball - - ESPN

North Dakota is in the first transition year from Division II to Division I. ... a schedule for discarding the University of North Dakota's Fighting Sioux ...
search.espn.go.com/north-dakota-fighting-sioux/college-basketball/27 - 38k -



Kinky Torrid Romance by Randy Physics Professor

Physics Dept*** UND Rapist Allowed to Offend For   Years As Police Bungle Case Against One of their  Own!po


Privileged by HUSTLER MAGAZINE v. FALWELL, 485 US 46 (1988)

TEN TOP REASONS NOT TO COME TO SCHOOL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA Bad Air. University of North Dakota  sued and fined by Health Department numerous times for unsafe emission of dangerous Nuclear and Chemical Fumes

REGRESSIVE LAW IN NORTH DAKOTA Making North Dakota the first state to confine people suspected of having HIV

Feb. 21 2004 University of North Dakota Tuition to Go Up 9-30% over NDSUS

Feb. 15, 2004

 NDSBHE wants to regulate professor's book sales

Extramarital Affair....University of North Dakota DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY  Dr. Jeff Holm was at the time (and still is) the President of the ND State Board of Psychologist Examiners !